Adriano Guerra born in Venice in 1976

Drums - Vocal

The knowledge of the Beatles occurs on childhood listening to some 33 inches records of his parents appreciating in particular I feel fine and From me to you.

The first steps as a musician were on 14 years of age trying to strum the father acoustica guitar and following the agreements of songbooks with the sole objective of fun evenings with friends at the beach bonfire.

The curiosity, however, pushes him to learn to play keyboards and is with this instrument that performs for the first time in a concert on a Venetian school prom.

A year later, moved to electric guitar, along with some friends founded the heavy metal Open Wounds band but over time it evolves into a pop cover band in order to more easily find opportunities to perform.

In 2000 he joined as a guitarist in the group Unko Buri Buri where he met among others Fabio Bernasconi, Dario Sevieri and Carlo Munaretto. With them, the group turns in Berna e le sue Anomalie performing in numerous concerts in the Venetian province.

In 2005 together with Fabio he founds The Bitters positioning for the first time on drums.

Celebrate his thirtieth birthday on the first live performance of The Bitters and his fortieth the tenth anniversary of the band.

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