The band was born a bit 'for fun in 2005 from an idea by Adriano Guerra and Fabio Bernasconi, respectively guitarist and singer of Berna e le sue Anomalie, who want to try their hand at a new musical experience also modifying their roles: Adriano switches to battery and Fabio on bass. Meanwhile to the other instruments alternate friends and supporters of The Beatles.

The first sessions in the studio are being addressed with student spirit and unpretentious, with the sole purpose of having fun playing the greatest hits of the Beatles discography.

After a few months the singer-guitarist Claudio Callegaro joined the band that with his commitment to the dual role allow to start looking for a stable equilibrium of the band as well as allow to deal with songs by the Beatles' with finest arrangements.

The tests continue diligently and progress in this period are significant enough to push the band to complete the training and expand the repertoire in anticipation of possible public performances; for some months, therefore, some musicians alternate in the group including Alessandro Tricoli, Daniele Diliberto and Alessandro Della Togna.

It 's only in early 2006 that stability is regained with the arrival of Roberto Giada, big fan of the Beatles and Frank Zappa, on lead guitar and backing vocals and Carlo Munaretto on bass to replace Fabio.

With this line up the first public performance happens at the 8th edition of the Venezia Suona musical event.

The work in the studio continues with the intention of improving the performance getting as close as possible to the Beatles sound. Is called the keyboardist and friend Dario Sevieri (formerly Berna e le sue Anomalie, Caraibi Near, Maya, Allen Grey...) as the fifth Beatle.

After three years of fining with many live performances, the constant presence at the Beatles' Day editions of Brescia, participation in various competitions and radio broadcasts, in early 2009 on bass, instead of Carlo, succeeded Francesco Patané, coming as Dario from Caraibi Near.

At the end of 2009, Dario left the band, that returns to four elements representing faithfully the original line up of the Fab Four.

Since 2009 to now, the band had no further changes and through the costant and methodic study of the sheets music can fully represent the Beatles atmosphere.

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