Francesco Patanè born in Venice in 1967

Bass Guitar - Vocal

Graduate in oboe at the Conservatory of Venice, in 1980 started to play bass and sing for fun in a dark and hard-rock inspiration band. On this occasion he knows the drummer which will continue with the experience and plays longer, by forming from 1987 to 1991 the historic Venetian punk-rock band Guerra Fredda, reunited for a single date/event in 2016, and from 1992 to 1994 the first formation of the punk-core band Eddy Urla, reunited from 2014, of which '92 tracks is the composer too.

He played in various cover-bands ranging from a variety of genres: '60s and '70s blues and rock with a band from the Lido island, then funky and soul with the future La mente di Tetsuya. With the melodic rock of the Antigua (now Marcus Web), returns to play no-cover and participating to the first edition of “Venezia Suona“ musical event.

In 2001, plays the electric guitar in the rock band Frase: still on “Venezia Suona“ and at the semi-final of the “Premio Ciampi“.

In the same year he meets Butch and after several occasions arise the Caraibi Near band. With the energy of reggae the concerts target is fully centered, thanks to the arrival in 2003 of Dario on keyboards. With the Caraibi Near he played for eight years touring the center-north-east of Italy in length and breadth. Notable is the winning in 2005 of the National "Rototom SunSplash" Reggae Contest in collaboration with GialloMan and the publication of the CD Niu Regghe Stail.

From 2017 joins the "Rio Terá" project.

Having no intention to stop playing, is the last element became part of The Bitters project, having been raised from childhood with the music of the Fab Four.

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