Roberto Giada born in Venice in 1965

Lead Guitar - Vocal

“The Music and the Devachan are my world“

He began playing guitar at the age of 14: posters of the Beatles and egg cartons stuck on the walls and taken apart ..... they say: 'You speak well English so you can sing'.

So he learns sight-singing by his jazz musician friend Michela Quintavalle and Antonella Boscolo who also teaches breathing.

He attends 'Il Suono Improvviso' and he was taught by Stefano Scutari and Augusto Mancinelli.

He makes two years of classical guitar but prefers more the sound of jazz guitar; loves to play acoustic guitar and loves the Ragtime sound.

Given the considerable creative and composition capacity, using a Fostex four-tracks he recorded a mountain of things, experimenting with sounds from the most melodic to the more rock.

Crash, CREN (GLI ULTRADEMENTI) Senior Services (DISCOVERING blues), the RAPTUS (the first clue gimme fire) festival Serenissima 88 with the single AUMENTO. And then THE MIXTURY (demo tape and strain caused by shifts and night work). He has collaborated with Venetian poets, for evenings at the Bistrot de Venise for the Biennale etc. And then T.N.T. BAND, Metatheatre, Nowhere Street and finally The Bitters.

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